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    Cutting machine
    Edge grinding machine
    Chamfering machine
    Burr-removal machine
    Pin machine
    Ring machine
    Four-axies plate drilling machine
    V-cut machine
    X-ray inspetion machine
    Punch oven
    PCB machining tool series
    hole machine
    automatic high speed unreeling device

    Dongguan XinYao Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Contact: Mr Liao
    Phone: +86-15812813611
    Tel: +86-0769-81505183

    QQ: 305808446

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    Dongguan Xinyao Machinery Co.,Ltd has steadily grown since 2011 to become one of the leading manufaturer, supplier and exporter of PCB equipments. Our products consist of automatic cutting machine, automatic edge grinding machine, V-cut machine, chamfering machine, burr removal machine, pin machine, ring machine, X-ray inspection machine, cleaning machine, brown film developing machine and film laminator etc.   

    Xinyao products are designed to add value to our customer’s manufacturing and research processes. Our R&D team is constantly looking to improve our product offerings to better meet and exceed our customers experiences.   

    With varieties of projects for the products, preferential prices and econonic solutions, high cutting speed and supreme efficiency, we are absolutely trustworthy to create extraordinary value.

    Company philosophy    
    Taking precision, innovation as our criterion, we keep a good governance, a positive state and an integrity of service to work for our customers and society. Qualified productsand the most satisfactory service are always provided as our final purpose. Domestic and foreign customers are warmly welcomed here and give guidance!

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    Tel: +86-0769-81505183 (Mr. Liao)  Fax: +86-0769-82387366  Web: www.wypower.cn             粵ICP備16101055號
    Address: No.5 Maoshandong road, Xiagang village, Changan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.

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